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TILE ROOF RE-PAPER Huntington Beach Roofing with Blue Knight:

This page is for information only, we do not provide this service. Crafting a complete re-roof that meet our standards, would put us in a price range much higher than other bids.

The Tile Roof Repaper Process:
A Tile Roof Repaper is a process wherein the tiles are removed, new under layment and flashings are installed and the old tiles are reinstalled. This is done using our exclusive Blue Knight Roofing techniques which are greatly different from the national and local standards as set by the National Tile Roofing Institute.

You would not be getting the same flawed roofing system as before. This can be done in the trouble areas only, instead of a complete reroof. This process saves a lot of money and the consumer win's.

Concrete or Clay Roofing Tiles will last indefinitely, whereas the sub-layers will not. The sub layers wear out because of reoccurring moisture permeating throughout, due to faulty workmanship as well as poor roofing industry standards.

Huntington Beach Roofing With Blue Knight is a professional Roofing Contractor, we are small enough to give you personal service, yet large enough to do it in a timely manner.. We are creative enough to do something different this time. We will literally redesign these trouble areas with an"out side of the box" approach that exceeds the roofing industry's standards by far.