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We save tile roofs by correcting poor workmanship by others, effectively rendering the old tar paper irrelevant because the top tile layer is what matters. Our techniques are unrivaled nationwide.

If you still feel that reroofing is what you need, the following is information that may help you.

Consider that you are now facing the unpleasant task of calling a Roofer because the roofing industry has poor standards, techniques and workmanship nation wide.

A tile roof system should be crafted with techniques that will allow the rain to shed over the top of the tiles, and not throughout the layers beneath. Thus the new tile roof should last indefinitely.

Concrete or Clay Roofing Tiles will last indefinitely, whereas the sub-layers will not. The sub layers wear out because of reoccurring moisture permeating throughout, due to faulty workmanship as well as poor roofing industry standards in Huntington Beach, California and Nationally.

The Facts About The Weight Issue In a nutshell, the lighter the tile, the less walkable (i.e. Most brittle) The building departments throughout Huntington Beach have developed guidelines where as, if a product weighs 6 lbs. or less per sq. ft., engineering calcs. and structural upgrades may not necessary.

Eaglelite is over the 6lb. limit, but it can be installed most of the time with reasonable structural modifications. Eaglelite is a great product and has a great selection of styles and colors. Best of all, it's the strongest of all lightweights for good walk-ability.

Boral / formerly Monier is the lightest concrete tile available at 5.6 lbs. per sq. ft., which is not much heavier than your original shake when it’s soaked with rain water. In this weight category most building departments do not require engineering and in those cases, structural up grades are unnecessary. Monierlifetile comes in all styles such as (shake), (slate) or the traditional (red mission tile). The tensile strength is low so it is best to not walk on this roof.

Metal roofs are the lightest at 1.5 lbs. per. sq. ft. They are durable and of good quality. Aesthetically they are not as well received as the others and one of the highest in cost.

Fiberglass or Composition shingles at about 3.5 lbs. per. sq. ft. are economical and durable. This category is the best value. Although not quite the look of tile, some brands and styles can effectively compete.

Don’t make the wrong decision based on the propaganda of roofing companies that only want to sell you their favorite product. Pick the product that meets the right balance of esthetics and function by your standards and that will present well in your neighborhood. It’s better to pick the right one now rather than wish you did later!