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ROOF REPAIR Huntington Beach

Don't take for granted the complexities of quality roof repair. Please scroll down to see what lurks underneath a leaking roof and note the poor workmanship that brought you to this point. This type of poor workmanship is pretty much standard throughout the roofing industry.

Do you want the same standard roofing and roof repair techniques that put you in the position of making this call, or would you like to solve the problem this time?

Huntington Beach Roof Repair

Most likely the problem can be corrected by simply correcting the poor workmanship that is causing the leak. This can be done at a very reasonable cost. In other cases however, the solution may be to rebuild the trouble areas with new paper and better designed flashings, etc...

Most important this time is to redesign the integration with the flashings and special drainage areas, so that the new tar-paper stays dry and the leaks do not reoccur and "roof repairs" do not become a regular event of winter.

That said, if a Tile becomes cracked or slips out of place, or the Flashings such as Valley, Pipe and Wall Metal were improperly designed, the Tar Paper can hold the water back for a number of years but eventually will rot and allow the water to penetrate into the house. Obviously it is very important to design these areas correctly, where flashings are needed to integrate the roof tiles with different angles, walls, pipes, chimneys, etc... Don't take for granted the complexities of quality roof repair.