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ROOF TUNE UP: Huntington Beach Roofing with Blue Knight:

Most tile roof leaks can be fixed with a Roof Tune Up by correcting poor roofing workmanship.

Consists of:
(trip 1)
A complete and thorough inspection and assessment of materials needed. This includes pictures, consultation and signed contract.

(trip 2)
Replacement of missing, slipped and broken tiles. Re-seal flashings as needed. Patch small areas of tar paper as needed. Correct bad workmanship at source of leaks. Your roof must qualify.

Installed properly and with periodic maintenance, a tile roof can last indefinitely. Like having your house painted periodically, it's also advisable to have your roof inspected and maintenanced.

The sun deteriorates some of the roof pipe sealants. The wind loosens and dislodges roof tiles, cement grout. Hairline cracks gone unnoticed during installation, become bigger and eventually separate, exposing the sub-layers or tar paper. Roof Tiles that were mis-nailed can slip down from their original position left unattended, these area will become further damaged as their sub-layer will rot in the sun.

When the plywood gets wet repeatedly, it creates a perfect environment for termites to get started and find an entrance into your house. This is a very common occurrence in the beach climates of Huntington Beach.

Where your roof is concerned, it's best to be proactive rather than wish you did...